Business VoIP Provider Price Comparison

With the current state of the economy, companies are more and more concerned with cost savings and increased employee productivity. One of the best ways to do so is by upgrading your communications infrastructure to IP. In one of our previous articles, we discussed why companies are transitioning from legacy to hosted (read the article [...]

Cohere – A Quality of Service Advantage

Here at Cohere Communications both voice quality and client security are of the utmost importance. Anything involving the “public” internet usually stirs up a conversation about how secure the network you are working over actually is. This is obviously a huge concern for companies that rely almost solely on their phone services for the livelihood [...]

Pika WARP Plus Box for custom Music On Hold and Paging

Today’s post focuses on the new “Pika WARP Plus” box! For our customers who pay for this product, they will be provided with great new features, such as, “On-Premise Paging”, “Survivability,” as well as new “Custom Music On Hold” functionality. This small box allows for a plethora of services and “ease-of-use” options. On Premise Paging: [...]