Broadsoft introduces the Broadworks Communicator

Broadworks New SoftPhone Communicator

As we strive to keep you informed on all new and upcoming features, this month we are reporting on Broadsoft’s recently unveiled BroadWorks Communicator. The Communicator is a Windows-based softphone fully integrated with BroadWorks. The Communicator allows users to place calls anytime (with audio and video capabilities) from their PC with a high-speed Internet connection.

The BroadWorks Communicator offers a solution that delivers the latest telephony and video features including:

Auto-provisioning: The Communicator automatically configures user settings and updates through the BroadWorks platform, eliminating challenges associated with third-party application integration. End-users download the Communicator to start making and receiving calls immediately.

Enhanced video services: In addition to making point-to-point video calls, the Communicator can take full advantage of advanced video services in BroadWorks, such as video messaging, video add on, video auto attendant, video on hold, video call center, and video custom ringback.

Directory integration: The Communicator is integrated with users’ BroadWorks and Outlook contact lists enabling users to quickly place or transfer calls through click-to-dial capabilities.

Conference calling: Using the Communicator’s simple interface, users can conference five additional parties.

Advanced security: The Communicator uses SIP over Transport Layer Security (TLS) to provide service providers the latest technology for enhanced network security.

Multi-language support: The Communicator has multi-language support through the BroadWorks platform.


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