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BroadCloud Web Collaboration

BroadCloud Web Collaboration Cohere’s trusted provider, Broadsoft, is currently in the midst of rolling out their new “BroadCloud Web Collaboration.” The “BroadCloud” will bring exciting new compatibility and “ease-of-use” capabilities that are sure to create some buzz. This intuitive new Web Collaboration will change the way executives manage engagements and will make remote accessibility virtually [...]

Broadsoft introduces the Broadworks Communicator

Broadworks New SoftPhone Communicator As we strive to keep you informed on all new and upcoming features, this month we are reporting on Broadsoft’s recently unveiled BroadWorks Communicator. The Communicator is a Windows-based softphone fully integrated with BroadWorks. The Communicator allows users to place calls anytime (with audio and video capabilities) from their PC with [...]

Industry Trends – Cloud Computing is Growing

Moving to “the Cloud” is a growing trend for businesses that is expected to continue according to Analysys Mason’s research. Not only will cloud services remain attractive solutions for businesses, but government agencies are also expected to migrate to the cloud. Amazon on Tuesday announced the launch of GovCloud, which allows U.S. government agencies and contractors [...]