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What is Unified Communications and what will it bring in 2012?

What is Unified Communications and what will it bring in 2012? Over the past year, the business sector has been quick to explore, but resilient to adopt unified communications solutions. The reason for this is that there is still no “clear-cut” solution from any UC provider that stretches across all platforms (MAC, PC, Linux, iOS, [...]

Cohere’s Expansion into the South American Markets and Other News

This month we are announcing Cohere’s expanded presence in the major South American markets of Brazil and Argentina. Cohere allows South American clients unlimited access to direct dial in numbers to the United States at a fixed price. We also provide DID’s (Direct Inward Dialing) from all South American locations so all of your businesses [...]

Cohere and IPC Market Extranet: Global Trading Made Easy

In conjunction with IPC Systems Financial Market Extranet, Cohere now offers Ring Down Lines to 4,000 global financial market traders connecting you to over 60 countries in 6 continents. Cohere provides a direct link to the major and emerging markets of the world with Ring Down Lines that are secure and tested. We can now [...]

Cohere’s Ring Down Lines and IP Turrets

Welcome everyone! Today’s post is to announce that Cohere now offers financial “Ring Down” lines and fully functional IP Turrets at a fraction of their regular cost! Cohere Communications has made financial telecommunications our specialty so it doesn’t need to be yours. We are proud of our track record, powering brokerage firms, private equity firms [...]

Cohere Communications Canada

Cohere’s Enterprise Telephony Solutions If you still have a premise based Nortel or key system and Avaya is squeezing you for more money, you need to read this! Cohere Communications can help you eliminate CapEX, PRI access circuits, Local & LD usage, Support, Maintenance,  Recurring Licensing and Software Upgrade fees! We do this by bundling [...]

Cohere’s Fully Native Cisco Call Manager Integration

Cohere Communications now offers fully hosted, native Cisco Call Manager integration with it’s best-in-breed fully managed Broadsoft soft-switch. Eliminate CapEx, PRI access circuits, Local & LD usage fees, Cisco Support fees, Maintenance and Recurring Cisco Licensing Costs! Cohere can now assist your company by consolidating all of your telecommunications expenses into one monthly fee — [...]


1. They all want a better return on their equity. 2. They need to take more control of the costs incurred by their portfolio companies. 3. They want their funding to be directed towards business development efforts and not for baseline technology support services. (Control CapEX with the use of OpEx) For every dollar saved [...]

Polycom Phone Promotion

One of the greatest burdens in upgrading your telecommunications infrastructure is the initial hardware cost. It is for that reason that Cohere Communications has launched a limited time promotion facilitating your transition to the new era of cost effective, redundant, reliable, feature rich telephony. With any signed agreement made between April 1st 2010 and May [...]

A New Age Enterprise Telecommunications Solutions

The Inefficiencies of the legacy telecom giants have been holding enterprise growth back for years. Too slow to adapt, too big to fail, businesses foot the bill while they entangle you in layers of bureaucracy. These giants were once drivers of innovation and growth. Now, their infrastructure’s are decades old and increasingly showing their age. [...]