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What is Unified Communications and what will it bring in 2012?

What is Unified Communications and what will it bring in 2012? Over the past year, the business sector has been quick to explore, but resilient to adopt unified communications solutions. The reason for this is that there is still no “clear-cut” solution from any UC provider that stretches across all platforms (MAC, PC, Linux, iOS, [...]

Cohere’s Expansion into the South American Markets and Other News

This month we are announcing Cohere’s expanded presence in the major South American markets of Brazil and Argentina. Cohere allows South American clients unlimited access to direct dial in numbers to the United States at a fixed price. We also provide DID’s (Direct Inward Dialing) from all South American locations so all of your businesses [...]

Polycom’s Fall Releases for Improved Productivity and Collaboration

Polycom, Cohere’s handset manufacturer of choice, recently announced two new exciting products: the Polycom VVX-500 Performance Business Media Phone (release date 11/7) and Polycom’s RealPresence Mobile Communicator (released in October). These two business-enhancing products provide a greater means of voice and video enterprise communication. The VVX 500 Business Media Phone is a touch-screen media phone [...]

Cohere and IPC Market Extranet: Global Trading Made Easy

In conjunction with IPC Systems Financial Market Extranet, Cohere now offers Ring Down Lines to 4,000 global financial market traders connecting you to over 60 countries in 6 continents. Cohere provides a direct link to the major and emerging markets of the world with Ring Down Lines that are secure and tested. We can now [...]

Business VoIP Provider Price Comparison

With the current state of the economy, companies are more and more concerned with cost savings and increased employee productivity. One of the best ways to do so is by upgrading your communications infrastructure to IP. In one of our previous articles, we discussed why companies are transitioning from legacy to hosted (read the article [...]

Severe Weather Warning – North East Region 08/28-08/29

In preparation of hurricane Irene’s projected trajectory, we thought it best to send out an alert. The storm is expected to pass through our area Sunday afternoon into Monday and as is typical with these types of severe weather events…service effecting issues may occur. Although we always actively monitor the network, we will enact a [...]

Cohere’s Feature Guide

Here at Cohere Communications we are constantly working to better improve both our services, as well as the support we provide to our users. As this effort grows larger and the services we offer expand, providing you with resources to understand them becomes equally important. Recently, we undertook the endeavor of creating a “Feature Guide” [...]

Bria For iPad and Smart Phones

Greetings, Loyal Followers! Today we are taking a look at Bria’s integrated soft clients for Mac, PC,  iPhone, Blackberry and Android as well as their newly released tablet (iPad) version. Bria allows for a multitude of great functionalities and calling features permitting users to manage all of their communications and make calls seamlessly using whatever [...]

Cohere’s Integrated Unified Communications Solutions

ESNA UC Cohere currently offers ESNA’s suite of unified communications services. This suite integrates messaging, mobility and presence into a single, intuitive solution — built around your company and your people. We build it into your existing office system such as, Google Apps, Microsoft BPOS/365 and Exchange, Zimbra, Lotus Notes and other on-premise and cloud-based business solutions. [...]

Pika WARP Plus Box for custom Music On Hold and Paging

Today’s post focuses on the new “Pika WARP Plus” box! For our customers who pay for this product, they will be provided with great new features, such as, “On-Premise Paging”, “Survivability,” as well as new “Custom Music On Hold” functionality. This small box allows for a plethora of services and “ease-of-use” options. On Premise Paging: [...]