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The Meteoric Rise of Tablets and Rich Media Phones Expected in 2012

The Meteoric Rise of Tablets and Rich Media Phones Expected in 2012 The jury is out on what role the tablet computer will play in the enterprise space in 2012. Around 19.5 million tablets were sold in 2011, and a projected 54 million will be sold in 2012. The era of the tablet is upon [...]

Polycom’s Fall Releases for Improved Productivity and Collaboration

Polycom, Cohere’s handset manufacturer of choice, recently announced two new exciting products: the Polycom VVX-500 Performance Business Media Phone (release date 11/7) and Polycom’s RealPresence Mobile Communicator (released in October). These two business-enhancing products provide a greater means of voice and video enterprise communication. The VVX 500 Business Media Phone is a touch-screen media phone [...]

Cohere’s HD Video Conferencing Solutions

Hello everyone! With Cohere’s managed Video Conferencing solutions, the meeting comes to you.  Set up in just a few seconds, Cohere can bring your company crystal clear high-definition voice and video like you have never seen or heard before. You can bridge up to 16 end points together simultaneously using any video enabled devices you [...]

Sometimes it pays to stick to tradition. When it comes to telecommunications, it doesn’t!

At Cohere Communications, we know that using 20th century telecommunications solutions to do 21st century business doesn’t work. Founded by financial industry veterans, Cohere knows what your firm needs from it’s technology providers. That is why our solutions are tried and tested to excel in reliability, security, efficiency and cost effectiveness. “We have made financial [...]


1. They all want a better return on their equity. 2. They need to take more control of the costs incurred by their portfolio companies. 3. They want their funding to be directed towards business development efforts and not for baseline technology support services. (Control CapEX with the use of OpEx) For every dollar saved [...]

Polycom Phone Promotion

One of the greatest burdens in upgrading your telecommunications infrastructure is the initial hardware cost. It is for that reason that Cohere Communications has launched a limited time promotion facilitating your transition to the new era of cost effective, redundant, reliable, feature rich telephony. With any signed agreement made between April 1st 2010 and May [...]