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Why are Businesses Switching from Legacy to Hosted?

Two telecom back end infrastructures

In our day and age, it’s becoming increasingly important to maintain an edge over your competition. Thanks to emerging communications technologies and the increasing quality of cloud based enterprise solutions, companies can now benefit from productivity enhancing / cost saving solutions at a low risk. Here are few key reasons people have been adopting the [...]

Business VoIP Price Comparison

When surfing the web for VoIP Service and Hosted PBX Providers … all that can be found are price comparisons. You can compare providers on price, or you can compare them on factors that actually matter to your business such as: – Quality of Service (QoS) Guarantees – - Reliability and Redundancy – - Built [...]

Small Business VoIP

Small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) have the most to gain from the recent developments in VOIP (Voice Over IP) services. Businesses can now outsource their communications doing away with clunky, expensive on-site PBX equipment. VOIP services for small top medium sized enterprises also offer new generation tools and features like unified communications (converged voicemail, [...]

Business VoIP Voice Quality

One of the biggest complaints recorded about VoIP is that audio quality is often low. In order to ensure the highest-level VoIP Audio Quality we have come up with a list of processes, technologies and infrastructure elements necessary to achieving perfect audio quality. Here are some ways that we fix VoIP audio quality: 1. QoS [...]

A New Era of Enterprise Communications

The Inefficiencies of the legacy telecom giants have been holding enterprise growth back for years. Too slow to adapt, too big to fail, consumers foot the bill while they stuff their pockets. Once upon a time, they were drivers of innovation and growth. Now, their infrastructure’s are decades old and increasingly showing how error prone, [...]

10 Reasons To Switch To VoIP

Here are our 10 reasons why you should switch to VoIP from your existing PBX, legacy System, Avaya or Cisco switches: 1. Save 30%-50% over the big phone companies (i.e. Verizon AT&T, etc…)   2. HD voice.   3. Unlimited local and long distance at a flat rate within the United States, Deep discounts on [...]

Unified Business Communications

A Unified Communications suite integrates services such as instant messaging, IP telephony, video conferencing and speech recognition with non real-time communication services such as integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax. Unified Communications Platforms and Technologies Google Business App. Integration VoIP integration Outlook Integration SalesForce Integration Visual Voicemail Voice Reply to email messages from your desktop [...]

Voicemail To Text (V2T)

VoiceMail-2-Text (V2T) will revolutionize how your voice mail is managed. Using cutting-edge speech recognition technology, each voice message you receive is instantaneously transcribed to text, while the call itself is recorded into an audio file (.Wav).  Both the text and recording are then forwarded to your email for review. Voicemail To Text (V2T) helps you react [...]

Ethernet Over Copper

T1’s just don’t cut it any more… Do you want more bang for your buck? You should really look into Cohere’s Metro Ethernet Solutions! If your business requires high levels of bandwidth for large file transfers, high traffic levels, and remote workers in multiple locations – there’s no better solution than Cohere Communications’ Metro-Ethernet! Talk [...]

Enterprise Level Communications Done Better

Headline: Many Technologies, One solution… Cohere Communications Imagine you could throw away a hundred years of telecom industry inefficiency and start over from scratch… what would you build in its place? Well that is what we at Cohere Communications are dedicated to doing! We couple 21st Century telecommunications technology with the highest level of customer [...]