Cohere’s Expansion into the South American Markets and Other News

This month we are announcing Cohere’s expanded presence in the major South American markets of Brazil and Argentina. Cohere allows South American clients unlimited access to direct dial in numbers to the United States at a fixed price. We also provide DID’s (Direct Inward Dialing) from all South American locations so all of your businesses locations can be seamlessly connected no matter where they are in the world. With experience, reputable infrastructure, and 24/7/365 support, Cohere is capable of providing quality Hosted solutions to your South American office locations.

In other news, Broadsoft has taken another step in solidifying itself as the premiere innovator of enterprise VoIP applications with the recent acquisitions of Movial Inc. and iLinc Communications. Movial designs and develops user interfaces and sharing applications used by IP-based communications devices, while iLinc Communications is a web conferencing provider for business, education and government. Michael Tessler, president and chief executive officer of BroadSoft commented on both acquisitions, saying that “whether it is through strategic acquisitions or in-house development, we remain committed to offering an extensive, innovative range of unified communications services that empower global service providers to meet the evolving communication needs of their enterprise and consumer customers,”  and that the “Movial Applications purchase will position BroadSoft to enable our customers to capitalize on this market opportunity by tightly integrating the extensive capabilities already provided by BroadWorks and BroadCloud, with a superior user experience across a user’s preferred communication device.”  With the addition of these acquisitions, Cohere can now seamlessly deliver more productivity enhancing communications solutions to you at an attractive price point.

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