Enhancements To Cohere’s Emergency Services Inclusive of E-911 and Disaster Recovery

Enhancements To Cohere’s Emergency Services Inclusive of E-911 and Disaster Recovery

What happens when an employee at your office has a medical emergency or a fire erupts in your building, or simply, there is a power outage in your building, are you prepared? If you are a client of Cohere Communications, you may not know it, but you are!

Cohere’s E-911 support services enable routing of emergency calls to the correct local PSAP (Public Safety answering Point) based on the caller’s phone number regardless of the assigned area code. With Cohere’s E-911 system, it doesn’t matter if you are calling from a static location (like your desk), or if you are traveling, our service will provide your location information to the local PSAP.

Cohere also offers emergency notification services that permit you to broadcast a live or pre-recorded message to all endpoints on your network expeditiously in the event of an emergency.

Disaster recovery capabilities are a vital requirement for any business in today’s competitive market environment. Cohere’s disaster recovery solution, which is included in your basic service, offers your business continuity in the most precarious of times. This differs from premise-based solutions that often require large additional expenditures to achieve the same basic functionality.

As Cohere’s services are controlled within the “cloud,” if ever a phone call cannot reach your desk phone, Cohere can dynamically re-route that call to any other selected device. We ensure true availability and resiliency of our core technology for the delivery of all client applications. This is done so that you know your services will be operational, no matter how dire the situation is. Depending on your desired level of resiliency, Cohere also offers additional services to ensure that you are always able conduct business.

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