Industry Trends – Cloud Computing is Growing

Moving to “the Cloud” is a growing trend for businesses that is expected to continue according to Analysys Mason’s research. Not only will cloud services remain attractive solutions for businesses, but government agencies are also expected to migrate to the cloud. Amazon on Tuesday announced the launch of GovCloud, which allows U.S. government agencies and contractors to move sensitive workloads into the cloud with regulatory security requirements.  [i]

Cloud Computing forecasts:

  • The market is expected to grow from $12.1 billion (2012) to $35.6 billion in 2015 (43% annual growth).
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will grow faster than Software as a Service (SaaS) between now and 2015  [ii].
  • North American revenue growth is expected to be  177% over the next 4 years.[iii]
  • 40% of the revenue will derive from small businesses and enterprises.Revenue Growth rate from 2010-2015 of Enterprise Cloud Based Service

Revenue Growth rate from 2010-2015 of Enterprise Cloud Based Service

Here are some reasons why people are moving to the Cloud:

  • Lower upfront costs for IaaS
    • There’s no need to purchase your own email server and hire staff to maintain the server.
  • Less to manage
    • Upgrades, patches and fixes get deployed on the server side. There is no need to buy or manage hardware or software
  • Access to resources from almost any device with an internet connection
    • Using cloud services, members of staff are able to collaborate on particular tasks or projects from any location using one responsive unit where users can sign into their emails, files, applications, etc …   [iv]
  • More Security and Control


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