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Here at Cohere Communications both voice quality and client security are of the utmost importance.

Anything involving the “public” internet usually stirs up a conversation about how secure the network you are working over actually is. This is obviously a huge concern for companies that rely almost solely on their phone services for the livelihood of their business.

At Cohere Communications, we use a unique business practice to ensure five nines of reliability for all of your mission critical communications systems. Instead of sending our VoIP services over the public internet we insist that our customers use point-to-point circuits (and highly recommend redundant circuits with separate paths). This not only permits us to ensure QoS (Quality of Service) but also permits us to lock down security.

Most VoIP providers use a public-to-point service for the delivery of their voice traffic. This is carried over the “public internet” possibly hitting multiple unknown networks with unknown security protocols. The following article goes into detail about potential problems calls may have while traveling over different LAN’s and WAN’s.

“Calls transmitted via a LAN, a WAN or the Internet can be easily intercepted by anyone with a protocol analyzer, simply by capturing and analyzing the voice packets.”

If your IP communications provider were Cohere, none of these would be necessary!

Severe Weather Warning – North East Region 08/28-08/29

In preparation of hurricane Irene’s projected trajectory, we thought it best to send out an alert. The storm is expected to pass through our area Sunday afternoon into Monday and as is typical with these types of severe weather events…service effecting issues may occur.

Although we always actively monitor the network, we will enact a heightened level of diligence. If we see any issues arise, we will reach out to your account point/technical person(s) about the status of the situation.

Cohere technicians will be available around the clock to pro-actively ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible. If you should have any issues or require any additional information, contact us (preferably) via email or:

Emergency Call Information: 1 (888) 764-4960 or 611 from your Cohere Phone

Please pass this information on to any others who may require it.

The Cohere Team

P.S. Check out the Cohere Blog to stay updated on the developing situation.

Cohere’s HD Video Conferencing Solutions

Hello everyone!

With Cohere’s managed Video Conferencing solutions, the meeting comes to you.  Set up in just a few seconds, Cohere can bring your company crystal clear high-definition voice and video like you have never seen or heard before.

You can bridge up to 16 end points together simultaneously using any video enabled devices you want (Laptop, video enabled phone, videoconferencing unit, etc …). For a limited time, we can also provide you with great discounts on Polycom products such as their VVX and HDX lines.

With their patented packet reconstruction technology, Cohere also ensures full HD resolution at 512k up/down.

Why are Businesses Switching from Legacy to Hosted?

In our day and age, it’s becoming increasingly important to maintain an edge over your competition. Thanks to emerging communications technologies and the increasing quality of cloud based enterprise solutions, companies can now benefit from productivity enhancing / cost saving solutions at a low risk.

Two telecom back end infrastructures

Here are few key reasons people have been adopting the hosted model:

  • Service providers host the solution in their top-tier data center(s). Since most SMB’s have limited IT resources, outsourcing the management of their communications infrastructure reduces cost while increasing resiliency and reliability.
  • As for any business related technology purchase, initial CapEx is an important decision making factor and hosted solutions typically cost 30%-60% less than premise-based solutions.
  • By migrating your telecommunications to the cloud, you pay a flat monthly predictable rate while saving up to 50% on international calling.
  • Hosted telephone platforms come with a variety of features and functionalities such as eFax, Voicemail2Text, Remote access, Virtual office, application integration, FMC, and Unified Communications with presence based call routing – amongst a long list of other features that enhance overall productivity.
  • Remote access enables all users to modify their services from anywhere they have an Internet connection! Need to forward a number to your cell phone? Do it on your internet enabled smart phone!
  • Have offices in multiple locations? A hosted solution is able to manage your intra-office communications much more efficiently than having a premise-based solution.


In addition to all of the above points, we at Cohere still like to say: “that what you don’t get with our hosted service is sometimes more important than what you do …”

NO maintenance contracts, NO additional costs for on-site resident technicians, NO software support contracts, NO upgrade mandates, NO MAC tickets, NO wasted time negotiating rates, NO expensive disaster recovery plans, and NO multiple invoices.  Our service packages are set on a per user basis and scale with the “right sizing” of your organization…  you only pay for what’s in-use, without penalties or fees – ever.

Bringing VoIP to Small Businesses

When do hosted VoIP Solutions Make Sense for Large Offices?

Cohere’s Feature Guide

Here at Cohere Communications we are constantly working to better improve both our services, as well as the support we provide to our users. As this effort grows larger and the services we offer expand, providing you with resources to understand them becomes equally important. Recently, we undertook the endeavor of creating a “Feature Guide” that covers every aspect of every feature that we offer here at Cohere Communications. The Feature Guide will cover Personal Features, Group Features, Enterprise Features, as well as Network Features.

The following examples are extracts from Cohere’s “Feature Guide”:

Personal Features:

Alternate Numbers — Enables users to have up to ten phone numbers and/or extensions assigned to them. The usual ringing is provided for incoming calls to the
primary phone number and users have the option of enabling a distinctive ring for calls to their second and third phone numbers. For outgoing
calls from the user, the user’s primary phone number is the calling line identity.


Hoteling — Companies often reserve a set of cubicles and phones for mobile workers who come into the office from time to time. “Hoteling” enables mobile
users to share office space and phones on an as-needed basis, like a hotel room. The Hoteling service supports this activity by enabling users with guest privileges to log in to a host account via their web portal or voice portal. This enables the employee to use the host phone to make and receive their calls as usual, while retaining their own BroadWorks user profile.

Call Park — Enables a user to hold a call and to retrieve it from another station within the group. To park a call, a user presses the flash hook and dials the
call park feature access code. The call is parked and the caller is held. To retrieve the call, the user goes to any phone in the group and dials
the call retrieve feature access code, followed by the user’s extension. The call is retrieved and connected to the retrieving user. Users can also
execute call park via the CommPilot Call Manager.


These are just a few examples from approximately 650+ pages of features. Each feature comes with a description of what it does and how it works. The feature guide will provide our customers with a constantly growing, vast knowledge base that can be used to answer any simple questions or just provide information on the many features that come with Cohere’s services.

Mobile VoIP to Fuel Enterprise Productivity

Smart phones

Several key players in the mobile phone industry

This week, we are going to take a deeper look into mobile Voip and how enterprises can leverage it to achieve enhanced productivity.
Year after year, the number of businesses professionals using mobile phones to interact and communicate has been growing exponentially, a recent In Stat report states that by 2015 there will be 83 million mobile VoIP users.

By next year, with almost 85% of mobile phones having high speed web access, how can you leverage this to help enhance productivity within your organization?

What are the benefits of enabling VoIP on your mobile devices?
1.    It provides its users with seamless in-office / out-of-office appearance towards their customers and colleagues (across a multiplicity of supported devices).
2.    It enables mobile access to enterprise resources regardless of location or status – phone, email, meetings, applications, and directories.
3.    Using Wi-Fi will give a high QoE along with developing cellular technologies (3G and 4G network support).
4.    Enhanced mobility with reduced costs:

a. Local, Long distance and international rates at a reduced cost
b. Eliminate SMS by using IM  and Lan talk
c. Developing Video chat functionality

By being connected to your company’s communications cloud from your mobile device, you can enjoy true business flexibility and convenience.

Further Reading:

Software Recommendation – Bria 3 for iPad and Smart Phones 

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Broadworks Anywhere, Find-Me / Follow-Me, Sequential and Simultaneous Ring

Good morning!

Find-Me / Follow-Me

Cohere’s Unified Communications via ESNAtech provides seamless communication solutions designed to meet all your business needs. One of the important features that we offer is the Find-Me / Follow-Me option, which allows calls to be routed to you seamlessly via your auto attendant anywhere you are in the world (based on where you set your location and the associated profile’s phone number).

Sequential and Simultaneous Ring

With built in “Premium” Broadsoft features such as sequential and simultaneous ring, you can program your land line (personal DID) via our dedicated web portal, to forward to your cell phone or any other phone of your choice in seconds.

Sequential works by forwarding to different phones in a pre-specified order after a pre-determined number of rings.

Simultaneous works by ringing up to 10 phones simultaneously.

Broadworks Anywhere

As an add-on to the “Premium” user, we also offer Broadworks Anywhere which allows for FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) services.

Customers can move calls from their cell phone to their desk phone to their soft phone to their home phone seamlessly without the other party ever knowing.

Call Cohere Today to find out about these features and how to set them up.

1 (212) 404-6906 |


Bria For iPad and Smart Phones

Greetings, Loyal Followers!

Today we are taking a look at Bria’s integrated soft clients for Mac, PC,  iPhone, Blackberry and Android as well as their newly released tablet (iPad) version.

Bria allows for a multitude of great functionalities and calling features permitting users to manage all of their communications and make calls seamlessly using whatever device they choose (running the Bria software).

Imagine having your home phone, cell phone, work phone, and any other number (including international DID’s) all on one portable device. With Bria, not only are you able to combine all mediums of communication that you use, but you also get amazing tools for call management, conferencing (inclusive of video) and cost savings.

Most recently, we tested out the Bria iPad edition (images below) and we were thoroughly impressed! By adding the full codec pack, the sound quality was breathtaking. (Supported Codec’s are G722-HD, G711-u, G711a, G729a, iLBC and GSM)

Contact Cohere today to find out how you can take advantage of these great new features!

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Cohere’s Integrated Unified Communications Solutions


Cohere currently offers ESNA’s suite of unified communications services. This suite integrates messaging, mobility and presence into a single, intuitive solution — built around your company and your people.

We build it into your existing office system such as, Google Apps, Microsoft BPOS/365 and Exchange, Zimbra, Lotus Notes and other on-premise and cloud-based business solutions.

This Unified Communications solution leverages an organization’s existing data and telecommunications infrastructure and supports current and future plans for virtualization and integration of private and public cloud applications. IT departments deliver more productivity, convenience and secure communications with a simplified infrastructure that streamlines management and reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
Unifying infrastructure with applications delivers a portfolio of messaging, mobility and presence solutions to change the way your business communicates.
The Feature Set Includes  (Above and Beyond Cohere’s Base Service Offering):

• IM and Presence
• Mobility (All Smart Phones)
• Email Integration (Google, Zimbra, Outlook)
• Auto Attendant (With Speech recognition)
• Voicemail to text
• E-fax
• FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence)
• Web Portal and Desktop Client Access

Microsoft Lync

Cohere is also currently in the testing phases of a full blown integration that leverages the power of Microsoft’s Lync server in conjunction with the reliability of Broadsoft’s hosted PBX. Cohere’s hosted Microsoft Lync server will deliver an unparalleled unified user experience that is fully managed and supported over Cohere’s private line IP backbone. The solution is cost efficient and infinitely scalable.

“This fully integrated solution is mesh of the mostly powerful communications and collaboration tools available to enterprises – providing unmatched reliability, stability, and interoperability.” said “Steven Francesco” Cohere Communications’ CEO.

The Feature Set will Include (Above and Beyond Cohere’s Base Service Offering):

•  IM and Presence
•  Conferencing (Audio / Video)
•  Outlook Integration
•  Application. Desktop and Document Sharing
•  Whiteboarding
•  MS Office Integration
•  Mobility
•  Active Directory Integration

For information or for pricing, please contact us | 1 (212) 404-6911

Industry Trends August 2011 – Growth in Unified Communications

Over the past year, most of the buzz in the technology industry has been focused on a vaguely defined and often misappropriated term known as “Cloud Computing”. Cloud computing consists of moving the use of applications (often times mission critical) from the desktop to a secured server in a different geographical location. The latter permits for more cost efficient, user friendly, and integration ready business applications that come with a variety of added features “on-site” solutions do not offer.

Whether through Google Business Apps, or the many other existing (or emerging) services, every business is exposed to the cloud in one way or another. As time goes by, more and more tools will be created, refined and integrated to work with each other providing you with seamless communications bridging telephony, CRM applications, Unified Messaging support, Collaboration tools and application integration.

Unified Communication channels

The different possible components of Unified Communications System. Having the UCS under one platform will simplify your world.

The following is a selection of interesting articles that discuss ongoing industry trends:

VoIP For Business is Catching On All Around the World

According to research at In-Stat, Business VoIP now has over 120 million subscribers worldwide and the industry keeps growing to predicted $40 billion annual market by 2015.

Unified Communications market is to top $1 billion by 2013

Infonetics Research has released a publication indicating that clients have grown over 1,000% because of bundled Unified Communications with IP telephony.

Australia ditches the old and VoIP is in. USA next?

Following the news in Australia, the FCC technology Advisory council has recommended the FCC to move away from traditional phone lines by 2018 with mobile and VoIP replacing the old service. This may be the time to change your existing service.