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What is Unified Communications and what will it bring in 2012?

What is Unified Communications and what will it bring in 2012? Over the past year, the business sector has been quick to explore, but resilient to adopt unified communications solutions. The reason for this is that there is still no “clear-cut” solution from any UC provider that stretches across all platforms (MAC, PC, Linux, iOS, [...]

Mobile VoIP to Fuel Enterprise Productivity

This week, we are going to take a deeper look into mobile Voip and how enterprises can leverage it to achieve enhanced productivity. Year after year, the number of businesses professionals using mobile phones to interact and communicate has been growing exponentially, a recent In Stat report states that by 2015 there will be 83 [...]

Cohere’s Integrated Unified Communications Solutions

ESNA UC Cohere currently offers ESNA’s suite of unified communications services. This suite integrates messaging, mobility and presence into a single, intuitive solution — built around your company and your people. We build it into your existing office system such as, Google Apps, Microsoft BPOS/365 and Exchange, Zimbra, Lotus Notes and other on-premise and cloud-based business solutions. [...]

Industry Trends August 2011 – Growth in Unified Communications

Unified Communication channels

Over the past year, most of the buzz in the technology industry has been focused on a vaguely defined and often misappropriated term known as “Cloud Computing”. Cloud computing consists of moving the use of applications (often times mission critical) from the desktop to a secured server in a different geographical location. The latter permits [...]

A New Age Enterprise Telecommunications Solutions

The Inefficiencies of the legacy telecom giants have been holding enterprise growth back for years. Too slow to adapt, too big to fail, businesses foot the bill while they entangle you in layers of bureaucracy. These giants were once drivers of innovation and growth. Now, their infrastructure’s are decades old and increasingly showing their age. [...]